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on the all new FlintRvr TV Streaming Service

FlintRvr TV is a new streaming service designed for Flint River Communications to allow our customers to stream their favorite TV shows and movies from an array of cable channels. To make the transition to streaming TV easier for customers, Flint River Communications can provide smart devices with the application pre-loaded and ready for use. The FlintRvr TV Streaming Service will also be accessible through an app on Amazon, Apple, Android, or Google devices.

Customers can enjoy features such as DVR to record shows and movies, Replay TV to rewind live shows up to 72 hours, and Personalization such as recommendations, favorites, and watch history.

Access to the FlintRvr TV app is as simple as downloading the app on your device and logging into the app. Customers will receive an email from Flint River Cable TV Services to set up their account and create a password. For assistance in this process, please call (478) 847-4111.

Use the guides below to assist you in setting up your device and accounts:

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Can I get FlintRvr TV?

FlintRvr TV is a streaming service available exclusively to Flint River Communications Internet customers.

How does FlintRvr TV work?

FlintRvr TV is a full featured, streaming TV app that you download and install on your favorite streaming media devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, some smart TVs, and the web. You can access your subscription through the FlintRvr TV app that runs on your streaming device.  FlintRvr TV is replacing our traditional cable TV services.

What features are included?

FlintRvr TV is packed with free features you’re going to love! Your subscription includes free Network DVR, Replay TV to rewind shows and movies, and Personalizations such as recommendations and watch history.

Can I get FlintRvr TV if I don’t have Flint River Communications Internet?

No, this is an exclusive offer for Flint River Communications internet customers.

Does FlintRvr TV have local channels?


How many Streams and hours of DVR do I get?

With FlintRvr TV, you will receive 20 hours of DVR and 2 Streams for free. You can upgrade to get more hours of DVR up to 150 hours for less than $10 per month. You can upgrade to get more streams for $5 per month.

What is a Stream?

Streams refer to the number of devices using FlintRvr TV at one time. If 2 TVs are using the FlintRvr TV app at one time, there are 2 streams in use.

How do I record a show?

Select the program you would like to record in the guide. The menu will give you several options including Play and Record. Navigate to Record and select it. If it is a series, you can select to record only this episode or all episodes. You may also then go back into the scheduled recording and edit the series to start or end later.

What is Replay TV?

Replay TV is an amazing feature that allows us to offer several days of previously aired programming and is available with most TV networks. Did you miss the big game yesterday? No problem! Just go backwards in the guide and watch it. Want to watch a movie that aired three days ago? That’s a breeze too! The possibilities are endless! In your guide, to view recently aired programs, bring up the guide and then press left. A tab will appear. Select the Replay button. You can then view available content and watch it or record upcoming content.

What if I get an error that all streams are being used?

Simply go to one of the streaming devices that you have recently watched FlintRvr TV on, go to Setting, and log out of the FlintRvr TV app.  This will stop that stream.


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*A Flint River Communications monthly internet plan and monthly TV plan are required to access the FlintRvr TV application